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Subject: ~'v'~Call of Kali~'v'~
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nchantra 2/25/2007 - 5:00:38
We are creatures of the night,angels of darkness and shadow. We are vampire and seek shelter from the light. We have taken a sip of the life substance that sustains us and gives us immortal life. My kindred and kin walk amoungst the living at night. By numbers we find our strength, we are vampire and have naught to fear, Come with us or die alone....... *

morbidx 2/26/2007 - 6:43:28
Id rather die alone... however I cannot abandon family. Chant i stand by your side till the very end. *

nchantra 3/8/2007 - 4:17:39
Morid!! greetings MLord..to be honest, we all die alone...But I'm gonna live 4ever...hehe *

sxy916 8.02.08 - 02:47pm
Greetings! I may or not die alone but I dont plan to die untill I decide after Im ancient around a few thousand years old. *

redk8 14.12.08 - 02:43pm
I no its ther but not how 2 unlock it the aches grow stronger.... Does this mk sense 2 u? If so u may b able 2 help me *

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