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Subject: vampire evolution
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nchantra 3/17/2007 - 2:34:52
would it be a step forward or backwards? ''Open for discussion'' *

carynxxx 24.06.08 - 10:51pm
Hi there, i hav always been fascinated by vampires. Could u ps tel me more about them. Do they hav awesome abilities such as shapeshifting or do they just hav surgical implants, drink blood and pretend they r immortal? R they for real and if so how can it b proven? Evolotion is always a step forward in my opinion although how that wil affect the human race makes me nervous. *Grins* *

teh 30.06.08 - 11:10am
Hey there i am also interested in that subject do u have any info on it such as how 1 goes about bcomeing a vampire *

ashyx1 13.09.08 - 01:04am
vampires were real.there was vlad the inpaler and others who killed 4 blood and walked at nyt looking 4 victims.in england *

elira68 5.03.10 - 03:04pm
Greetings from me & my husband. I used to be valosbaby on upoc and u made me an elder on my 33rd b-day if i recall correctly. But just thought i would pop in and say hello Mlady big hugs. I have missed u so very much. I now go under the name Lady Estonia Elira and just Elira which ever u perfer to call me will be just fine.
Oh before i forget Darkness gose under the name of Lord Damian Elira or just Damian Mylady.
Sending all our love. Elira *

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