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Subject: Dancing with dragons
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greekbab 10.03.08 - 03:32pm
Have any of you ever seen a dragon? *

nchantra 22.03.08 - 12:38pm
yes,in the Ethrel world.. between sleeping&wakefulness. Such Majestic creatures! Have you? *

greekbab 30.04.08 - 08:07am
Yes i have. I was on the phone the one day and i saw it from the corner of my eye. I turned and looked as it drift away. It was white moving like a snake moves *

khombi 12.05.08 - 11:02pm
Greek,r u sure of wat u r sayin.i mean r there realy any dragons out there?4give me im kinda new at ths and need som help,here & there. *

attain 20.12.10 - 09:14pm
khombi yes Dragon's are indeed very real. not every one can see them of course. but those that are given the chance to see a Dragon are very gifted and should be considered lucky. and its not aways about seeing, after all we dont see the wind we see what the wind does, so is the same when it comes to Dragons. most people dont see them yet we know they are there. *

attain 20.12.10 - 09:16pm
greekbab yes ive seen a Dragon and i have to say i love that book. *Dancing with Dragons* is the name of a book. *

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